Bianca Oliveira

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I have been a professional announcer and actress for 14 years in the market, specializing in all voiceover styles. I have solid experience in recording traditional and humanized IVR and Telephone Waiting, in addition to working with institutional, advertising and motivational voiceover.

My voice is in the IVRs and Telephone Waits of companies such as Vivo, Extra, Bradesco, Fly Emirates Airlines, Kopenhagen, Casas Bahia, Sky Vendas,, Rodoanel, and others. I have also attended supermarkets and stores, such as Textil Abril and Marabraz, when recording Indoor Radio.

I am always in tune with the world of voice, bringing news and market trends to my work and improving myself in order to offer an excellent service to customers. I currently have a BA in Theater at the Centro Universitário Sagrado Coração (UNISAGRADO), but I also have a curriculum rich in specializations in the field of voice.

Fotografia da locutora Bianca Oliveira. Uma mulher branca, de olhos castanhos e cabelos encaracolados curtos e pretos. Bianca está sorridente, usa óculos de grau com armação preta, brincos de argola e colar de metal prata e uma camiseta simples cinza.
Elemento decorativo com desenho de ondas vocais.


Desenho de ondas em tons de azul.

2005 - 2010

2005 - 2007

Technical Course for Announcer / Broadcaster

Radio Workshop



Interpretation Course for Speakers with Pedro Barreto

Renoir Space



Voiceover Course for Radio and TV with Celso Cardoso

Faculty Cásper Líbero

2011 - 2015

2014 - 2015

Voice acting course

Senac Sao Paulo

2013 - 2016

Professional Theater Course

Macunaima School Theater

2013 - 2016

Singing techniques to improve the voiceover

Speech therapist and Professor of

Singing and Piano Keyla Mazzetto

2016 - 2021


Voice Prosody Course with

Maurice Paroni

SP Theater School



DVP Course: Development of

Professional Voice

Regina Bittar


2019 - Current

Bachelor of Theater

Sacred University Center


Elemento decorativo com desenho de ondas vocais.

Some works

Humanized IVR

Unidade de Resposta Audível

Humanized Telephone Waiting

Espera Telefônica

Institutional Voiceover

Advertising Voiceover

Voiceover for E-Learning

Fotografia de um microfone profissional em um estúdio de locução.

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