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Who we are?

Studio TBS has been in the professional voiceover market for more than a decade. It was born from our dream of meeting the professional voice demands of large, medium and small companies with maximum quality, continuous improvement and greater agility in service.

Our work seeks to collaborate with a more effective and humane communication. To this end, it focuses on the needs of each client, while following the trends in the voice market. So if you are looking for a harmonic and pleasant voiceover, be it traditional or humanized, we have what you need!

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Collaborate with effective communication, sharing knowledge around the topic and offering services of the highest quality, personalized to the needs of the client and in an agile way.



To be recognized worldwide as a reference in effective communication and an organization managed by innovative and renowned professionals in the field of professional voiceover..


constant improvement,
professional ethics,
effective communication,
dialogue and
respect for individuality.

Meet our voices

Fotografia da locutora Bianca Oliveira. Uma mulher branca, de cabelos encaracolados curtos e pretos, usando óculos de grau com armação preta e uma blusa branca estampada. Bianca está sorridente, usando um fone de ouvido próprio para locução, e posiciona-se ao lado de um microfone, também próprio, dentro do estúdio.

Bianca Oliveira

I am an announcer and actress with 14 years of experience. My interpretation is smooth and pleasant, with a captivating melodic style, bringing credibility and adding value to your brand. I have a strong and well-placed voice that matches all audiences, bringing beauty and professionalism to your audiovisual projects.

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Samara Souza

I have been an announcer and actress for more than seven years and my voice is soft and engaging. I have great elasticity in speech, recording from texts that demand seriousness and politeness to those that demand a more conversational and everyday voice. Thus, I make it possible to connect with different audiences, ensuring more lightness and professionalism to your brand or service.

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Fotografia de um microfone profissional em um estúdio de locução.

Meet our voices!